Volunteer Application

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Please copy the application questions below, type in your answers and send the completed application to stfrancisfarm@yahoo.com or St Francis Farm, 136 Wart Road, Lacona NY 13083.

Volunteer Application

Our experience is that visits go well when host and guest have communicated clearly and have realistic expectations.

Have you read all the way through the volunteers page of our farm’s website

(http://www.volunteers.stfrancisfarm.org )?

Name and phone or email contact information

What motivates you to volunteer? 

Why did you choose St. Francis Farm as a place to volunteer?

When did you want to visit and how would you be traveling?

Work history--jobs or volunteer work, any experience of manual labor?

What are you particularly interested in learning/doing during your stay?

Describe ways you are physically active--sports, hiking, biking, etc.

What would you like to do on our farm when not working?

Do you have any allergies or any special dietary restrictions or are you on any medication?   

Do you have any physical health issues that affect your ability to do strenuous work?

Do you have any mental health issues that affect your ability to communicate and work with others?

Do you have any questions or additional needs that you would like to have answered or addressed during the application process?